My parallel interests in The Art of Bonsai and the Japanese Print took a new direction when some years ago I discovered that there existed Ukiyo-e, the Japanese name for Woodblock Prints, from the Edo and Meiji Periods, [1604-1867] and [1868-1912] which contained representations of Classical Bonsai.

As a novice in Bonsai and Print Collecting both, I was enthusiastic to begin acquiring any "Bonsai Prints" which I could locate that were in good condition and not prohibitive in price.

In that my primary focus as an Architect is the design and construction of private residences, I have long appreciated the gardens and architecture of Japan. To have uncovered a detailed portrait of Japanese interiors accented by Bonsai was a very new source of inspiration.

The goal of this small enterprise is to make these historical portraits available to all who appreciate Bonsai and the Arts of Japan.
Thank you.


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